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Feb 21, 2022
The difference between UV hard ink and soft ink
Following is the difference between hard ink and soft ink:
1.Hard ink usually printing for hard/rigid materials, like glass, plastic, metal, ceramic, wood, etc.
2.Soft ink with flexibility and ductility, usually printing for soft/flexible materials, like leather, canvas, flex banner, soft pvc, etc. The image will be no cracks no matter how you fold or bending,with better extension stretch ability.
3.If use soft ink for hard materials, you will see the image with poor adhesion. If use hard ink for soft material, you will see the split when bending.
Feb 16, 2022
Comparison of TODOjet A3 DTF Pro Printer and Traditional Printing
Offset heat transfer transfer is also known as offset transfer. It is to use a layer of silicon and wax solution coated on the base paper, and then hot melt and liquefy when heated, so that the printing material flux penetrates into the fabric to form the principle of hot melt loose bonding and two printing methods: offset printing and screen printing. The combination of processes produces a product with transfer conditions. Thermal transfer printing is a type in the textile printing industry, and offset transfer printing is an independent production process and unique printing method of thermal transfer printing. It is widely used in cultural shirts, T-shirts, shoes and hats, school bags, luggage, trademarks, etc. It has strong artistic appeal and decoration, and has a unique style. It feels soft, washable, and has a clear and vivid pattern. incomparable.
Feb 14, 2022
The relationship between uv printer nozzle waveform and uv ink
The relationship between the waveform of the uv printer nozzle and the uv ink is as follows: the waveforms corresponding to different inks are also different, which is mainly affected by the difference in the sound speed of the ink, the viscosity of the ink, and the density of the ink. Most of the current printheads have flexible waveforms to adapt to different inks.
Feb 07, 2022
TODOjet wishes everyone a happy new year
TODOjet wishes everyone a happy new year,2022, auspicious year of the tiger.
Jan 26, 2022
Why choose ink provided by UV printer manufacturers?
When you buy a UV printer, all the components are installed, which means that the machine can be put into production. For UV printing equipment, the most used consumable is ink. Different printing materials use different inks. There are many ink manufacturers in the market, flooded with various brands. Each manufacturer's ink specifications and materials are different, and the quality is also uneven.
Jan 21, 2022
What is difference between DTF printer and DTG printer?
DTF means direct to film printing,its an alternative printing process to DTG printer.As we all know that DTG is direct to garment printer,which is suitable for cotton fabrics printing, such as cotton T-shirt, POLO shirt printing. And DTF printer is suitable for all non-cotton fabrics printing,such as polyester, hat printing,shoes printing,canvas printing.
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