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UV DTF Printer 65CM

-3PSC Epson i3200-U1 (XP600) printheads
-White + CMYK + Varnish 3PCS Printheads for UV AB film
-Pneumatic intelligent adjustment of lamination balance,support hot lamination and cold lamination
Detail Display
Product Parameters
Print pictures are clear
Maximum print width 700mm
White color varnish synchronous printing
Efficient and stable, suitable for industrial batch printing
Detail Display
All products are subject to strict quality control and they are certified according to the corresponding standards.
High-precision filter ink sac
Good stability,High pressure resistance, good fluency, no plugging,no ink leakage
Take-up & Feed-in System
Pneumatic intelligent adjustment of lamination balance,support hot lamination and cold lamination
Rubber motor
Control speed, position accuracy is very accurate
Rubber roller
Effectively adjust the tension of the material, so that the feeding process is smooth and the winding is neat.
Product Parameters
Model UV DTF Printer 65CM crystal label roll to roll printer
Printhead 3PCS Epson i3200-U1 (XP600)
Ink Channel White + CMYK + Varnish 3PCS Printheads for UV AB film
Printing Speed 720*1200dpi ( 4PASS) 5m²/h
720*1800dpi ( 6PASS) 4m²/h
720*2400dpi ( 8PAss) 3m²/h
Take-up & Feed-in System Behind Feed-in Film A, and take-up released protective film of film A
Front Feed-in laminating film B,and take-up finished film
Print Width Max 700mm
Lamination Function Pneumatic intelligent adjustment of lamination balance,support hot lamination and cold lamination
Secondary Ink Cartridge Ink Supply System To ensure a certain amount of ink in the secondary ink cartridge, siphon/negative pressure system
RIP Software RIPrint/Photoprint/Printfactory
Image Format Support TIFF/JPG/EPS/PDF/BMP etc.
Data Transmission TCP/IP network interface
Printing Application Mostly for crystal rub-on sticker, transfer decal film, crystal label sticker,PET film sticker
Machine Size/Weight L/W/H: 195Omm*96Omm*16OOmm   180KG
Package Size 2150mm*116Omm*1800mm
Print head
UV ink
UV A Film
UV B Film
Crystal Stickers Use Steps

It is constructed with new technology, such as the use of two films A and B together, without heating and powder shaking.

Scope Of Application

TODOjet UV DTF Printer 65CM,Suitable for objects such as hard surfaces, planes, curved surfaces, irregular surfaces etc.

Crystal Sticker Application Example

It can not only print on flat, wood, ceramic, glass, metal, acrylic and other materials, but also print on bent and cylindrical objects, and output a good 3D texture, high color fastness and scratch resistance Printing effect.


UV Crystal Sticker Product Properties

Waterproof, sun-proof, frost-proof, scalding-proof, durable, easy to use

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