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The skills you need to know
Before buy a UV printer or DTF Printer, some skills you need to know:
Software Skills to Create Graphics
Sometimes your customers will bring you corporate logos or just ideas, at this time you need to design in the Corel Draw or PhotoShop or Illustrator (or something other related software), then these great images are produced onto all kinds of medias.
Hardware Skills to Maintain your UV printer
Any equipment need to maintain regularly, our  printers are VERY simple to keep running well. If you purchase a UV or DTF printer from us, maintenance solutions will be sent to you together with the machine.
UV Printer Business
Printing makes students' campus life colorful !
Many objects of students use printing, such as pens, pens case, stationery box, notebook, bookmark, A4 size base plates, student card covers, rulers, lunch boxes, cups, bottles, CD, etc.



DTF Printer Business
Customized picture you want on any fabric!
Scope of application: luggage, handbags, advertising shirts, cultural shirts, children's clothing, women's clothing, headbands, aprons, etc. ...


TODOjet Products
Classical TD-UV3050
2021 Series TD-UV6090
A3 DTF Pro
DTF Printer-A3
DTF Printer-6502
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