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Mar 24, 2022
Why does the printhead of the UV printer have a service life?
When many friends buy a UV printer, the general manufacturer will promise the machine warranty for 1 year or 2 years or 3 years, etc., but there is a saying: Ink circuit system and print heads are not covered by the warranty.
Mar 18, 2022
UV machine printheads analysis
Inkjet technology utilizes tiny droplets of ink to facilitate direct printing without the device coming into contact with the printing surface. Because the technology supports non-contact printing, it can be applied to a variety of media and is now being introduced into a wide range of fields from general-purpose to industrial.
Mar 16, 2022
About the height difference of uv printing
UV printer (Ultraviolet LED Inkjet Printer) is a high-tech, plate-free full-color digital printing machine, without material restrictions. UV printing products are very wide, glass, plates, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather, etc. can be printed. UV printing can be done in one printing without making a plate, with beautiful colors and abrasion resistance, which is its core advantage.
Mar 14, 2022
Precautions for TODOjet UV machine printing mobile phone case
With the continuous reform and innovation of printing technology, efficient and fast UV printers have broken the shortcomings of traditional printing technology. UV printers do not need to make a plate to complete the printing at one time, with beautiful and rich colors, wear resistance, UV protection, simple and convenient operation, and fast printing speed , in full compliance with industrial printing standards. At present, there are various products printed on mobile phone cases on the market, and the scale of manufacturers varies. Which one has the best quality has become the most important concern for buyers.
Mar 02, 2022
TODOjet UV Printing Nail Art
Ail art is a work of decorating and beautifying finger (toe) nails, also known as nail art design, which is the process of beautifying finger (toe) nails according to the customer's hand shape, nail shape, skin quality, and clothing color and requirements. Heart of beauty in everyone.
Feb 22, 2022
Do UV printers emit radiation?
One of the most commonly raised questions from people regarding UV printer is “Do UV printer emit radiation?”
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