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Feb 02, 2023
Why do UV printing sometimes with pass bonding?
UV flatbed printers have pass bonding, which is theoretically unavoidable, and mechanical errors cannot be eliminated to zero. But the higher the accuracy, the smaller the pass trace phenomenon and will not affect the printing quality. The cause of the pass trace of the pattern: the print feathering is too low, the two-way printing is too fast, the Y-axis belt is loose, the nozzle is in a bad state, and the ink is broken.
Jan 28, 2023
Time is like water, and everything reincarnates with the snap of your fingers.
Even if the years never come back, we must write the epic of struggle in our limited life.
The spring breeze has come, and the sails have been set.
Jan 13, 2023
TODOjet 2023 Spring Festival Holiday Notice
The New Year's bell rings a happy reunion; the bright fireworks write down the festive beauty; the mellow wine carries wealth and peace; the warm blessing conveys infinite friendship. As the new year comes, TODOjet sincerely wishes all friends a happy new year, good health, all wishes come true and all the best!
Dec 02, 2022
TODOjet UV DTF printer Helps Customize Packaging and Empower Products
Traditional packaging customization has three major difficulties: "high price, difficult implementation, and slow production". This is due to the high threshold of traditional factory packaging customization purchase orders, resulting in high price costs for small and medium-sized orders, and it is difficult to match production.
Nov 18, 2022
What can we do if the ink cannot output during loading or cleaning?
No matter DTF printer, eco-solvent printer or smaller UV flatbed printers, mostly configuration with Epson printhead, like F1080,DX5,I3200 or something else.
Nov 03, 2022
Maybe sometime you will found that the printed film with some water bubble after stock some days, so what happened?
As we know the printer with heating function which can cure 40-50% white ink before the film enter into powder machine. And then you will set up the thermostat temperature to 110~140℃,under this condition the powder will be melt as a primer, then there will be 30~40% water remaining in the white ink (between the PET film and powder primer). The inside water may produce water bubble or blister after condensation.
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