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Which kind of effect that The UV printer can print?

UV printers can print the following three effects:

1. Flat ordinary color printing

UV printer can print any pattern, different from the traditional sticker process, this new type of printing process uses the piezoelectric inkjet printing principle to directly print the required flat pattern on the material to form a pattern.

2. Flat 3D color printing

The plane 3D color printing effect is different from the plane ordinary color printing effect in that the 3D effect looks three-dimensional and very realistic. The flat 3D color printing effect is achieved by printing 3D renderings with a UV printer.

3.3D relief(embossing)

Relief 3D effect focuses on "relief", its production process is to use UV printer to accumulate ink to make the pattern engraving and relief effect, and the part that needs relief can be printed once or twice. The biggest difference between the relief 3D effect and the flat 3D effect is that the relief 3D effect feels bumpy to the touch, while the flat 3D effect feels flat.

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