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How to prevent UV flatbed printer lines from being bitten in spring?

How to prevent UV flatbed printer lines from being bitten in spring?

In the spring of each year, the mice enter the peak breeding season. During this period, the activities of the mice will be more frequent, and most of them are active at night, while most of our companies are resting at night. If you do not pay attention to daily protection, it is easy to cause the line to be bitten, and if some careless people are not powered off, it will directly cause the line to burn.


So how to prevent the uv flatbed printer line from being bitten?

1. If spider web cranes are found in daily work, they should be removed in time, the wastes in the workshop are cleaned every day, and the waste barrels are also cleaned every day;
2. The maintenance department is responsible for maintaining the firmness of all doors and windows in the production area. When installing equipment or water pipes, any cracks or holes in the surrounding walls will be repaired in time;
3. Do a good job of preventing rodents in the production workshop, install nets on the drains, and install iron nets at all the sewers in the workshop to prevent rodents from digging into people.


Control measures
1. Set up rodent control points in the factory and production areas, and set sticky mouse boards and mouse traps at the rodent control points;
2. Install a rat-proof board at the entrance of the workshop.


Personnel specification requirements
1. Do not eat or snack in the workshop of the UV flatbed printer. If it is unavoidable, please do not put food residues and waste food in the trash can. The spilled rice dishes and spilled oil must be cleaned up;
2. Do not store snacks such as fruits, biscuits and candies in the drawer where the uv flatbed printer controls the computer table;
3. After the operator turns off the equipment every day, pay attention to power-off protection, and check whether there is food residue inside and outside the machine.

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