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How to maintain your UV printer?

How to maintain your UV printer?

1. The nozzle is a precision component. It is strictly forbidden to touch the nozzle surface and the circuit part when disassembling the nozzle to prevent the operation of the nozzle due to static electricity.

2. Periodically clean the waste ink on the ink stack platform to keep the ink stack clean

3. The grating bar is used in conjunction with the grating decoder to complete the X motor movement positioning function

4. The printer adopts mute linear guide rail, according to daily workload, regularly apply grease to the guide rail

5. The printer uses an aluminum high-precision suction platform, and the platform needs to be kept clean during daily use

6. It is recommended to replace the ink sac every 6 months.

7. It is recommended to replace the ink absorbing pad every 6 months

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