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Why the print head of TODOjet DTF printer is not easy to clog?

In the daily printing process of DTF, you must have encountered the problem of nozzle maintenance. Due to its characteristics, DTF printers especially need white ink, and white ink is particularly easy to clog the print head, so many customers are very troubled by this. The print head of TODOjet DTF printer is not easy to clog, which has been well received by customers. But why is this an TODOjet printer? Today we will solve the mystery for you.


Before uncovering the mystery, we must first understand why the nozzle is blocked? Are all colors prone to clogging?


The surface of the print head is composed of many nozzle holes. Due to long-time printing, ink impurities may accumulate in the nozzle holes, causing blockage. DTF ink uses water-based ink, and there are not many impurities in itself. Compared with other UV inks, it is not easy to cause clogging.But DTF white ink contains substances such as titanium dioxide, the molecules are large and easy to precipitate, so it may block the nozzle of the print head.


Now that we understand the cause of nozzle clogging, let's understand how TODOjet solves this problem, shall we?


You don't need to worry too much about this aspect when using TODOjet’s machine. It can be confirmed from the following three aspects:


1. Ink: Our ink uses premium quality ink with imported raw materials and better formula, which is uneasy to precipitate and block the nozzle.

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Preminum Ink


2. Hardware: Our machine is equipped with a white ink stirring & circulating system, which will physically prevent white ink and titanium dioxide from settling in the ink tank. At the same time, we are equipped with a white ink diverter, which can also alleviate the problem.

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white circulating and stirring system


3. Software: Our machine is equipped with standby automatic cleaning function and printing automatic cleaning function to prevent nozzle clogging from the aspect of print head maintenance.


In addition, we also have after-sales documents to teach you how to perform daily maintenance of the print head. We will trying to eliminate your concerns from every aspect.

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At the same time, if the nozzle is scratched during the printing process, it will also cause clogging and no ink. For this reason, our printers are also equipped with a nozzle anti-collision function.

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The above are some of the solutions provided by TODOjet for ink that easily clogs the print head. We have more advantages, you are welcome to consult at any time!

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