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How to prevent dye migration in DTF printing?

What is Dye Migration


Dye migration (color migration) is the movement of dye from one dyed material (e.g. T-shirt fabric) to another material (DTF ink) in contact with the dyed material by diffusion at the molecular level. This phenomenon is commonly seen in printing processes that require heat treatment such as DTF, DTG, and screen printing.

Due to the sublimation characteristics of dispersed dyes, any fabric dyed with dispersed dyes is very susceptible to color migration during subsequent treatment (e.g. printing, coating, etc.), processing, and use of the final product. Essentially, the dye is heated to change from a solid to a gas. In particular, dark-colored fabrics such as T-shirts, swimwear, and sportswear are very susceptible to color migration by sublimation when stamping white or light-colored graphics and logos.

This heat-related defect is costly for print producers, especially when dealing with expensive performance garments. Severe cases can lead to product scrapping and irreparably large financial losses to the company. Taking measures to prevent and predict trial dye migration is an important key to achieving good print quality.


How to Prevent Dye Migration in DTF Printing


Some DTF printing manufacturers try to avoid migration by using denser white ink. But the truth is, when you have denser ink, you need longer and higher temperatures to dry it. It just takes longer and ends up getting worse.

What you need is a suitable DTF application solution. The key is to choose a DTF ink with anti-bleeding and anti-sublimation, so as to avoid dye migration well.

Bleed resistance, or an ink's resistance to dyes on clothing, is determined by the chemistry of the ink, how well the ink cures, and how well the ink deposits. The DTF ink provided by TODOjet has good bleeding resistance, which effectively solves the problem of color shift in the transfer process. The ink particles are fine and stable, and the printing is smooth without clogging the print head. It has passed rigorous testing, is environmentally friendly, is virtually odorless, and requires no special ventilation.

Anti-dye migration DTF hot melt adhesive powder can also build a firewall to isolate the migration channel of single-molecule dyes. TODOjet offers two products for your application, DTF Anti-Sublimation White Powder and DTF Anti-Sublimation Black Powder. Both products are made of imported high-quality and high-purity raw materials. After curing, they feel soft and elastic and have the characteristics of high viscosity, washability, and wear resistance. It is designed to stop color migration on dark fabrics. TODOjet has many years of overseas


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TODOjet has many years of overseas export experience, overseas distributors all over Europe, North America, South America, and Southeast Asian markets, and customers all over the world. Please feel free to send us an inquiry!

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