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Why L1800 DTF printers always occurred errors during working?

L1800 printer, is one of the most popular printers that used for modified DTF printer.The main parts like mother board, carriage, print head, gantry and a few other parts still retained,then add the ink supply system like a white ink tank and stirring device. Even someone also add the feeding system which can use roll to roll printing instead of A3 or A4 sheet printing.

The printing system from the original L1800 printer is encrypted. So the system needs to be cracked after the printer is assembled up,if cannot crack well,it will occur errors. According to the common problems from customer, may the A3 sheet working is ok, but roll to roll cannot, always errors. And one head for CMYKW also with lower production.

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To put it in a way that's easier to understand is that this printer was born an office printer, but are now fed the kind of food its body can't process well. and it has to do a much heavier work. Take the carriage motor for example, it is not strong enough when working yet it does work. After a while, the speed will slow down. or could almost come to a stop as the mother board detects it is overloaded or overheated. Eventually it will become worn out and need to be replaced.

Note ,we are not saying this kind of printer do not own its market. If you are a user with a printer hardware background, or you have a lot of experience working with mechanical jobs, assembled one could be a good way to lower initial investment.But if you have enough budgets,we still recommend our own-design and produced DTF printer,for example like our TOODjet series DTF, our 30cm DTF printer with Honson mainboard, two original F1080 printheads and stirring system.

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