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Why does the printhead of the UV printer have a service life?

When many friends buy a UV printer, the general manufacturer will promise the machine warranty for 1 year or 2 years or 3 years, etc., but there is a saying: Ink circuit system and print heads are not covered by the warranty.

First tell you what belongs to the ink path system: ink bottle, ink tube, ink bag, printhead, ink pad (the machine with positive and negative pressure system does not have ink pad), waste ink tube, waste ink bottle, wiper (scraping the surface of the printhead,You can refer to my previous articles )

Why are these things consumables? do you know?

The answer is that as long as it is a UV machine (whether it is a large machine or a small machine, whether the print head is Epson, Ricoh, Seiko, Kyocera, etc.), it is a micro-piezo inkjet method.

Then for the printhead: the printheads of the micro piezo inkjet method all have the number of ignitions. For the specific number, you can check it by yourself (due to too many types of printheads, not all of them are listed) After the number of ignitions reaches the upper limit, the printhead The life span is coming to an end.

Then some people will ask, the machine is useless after buying it back. Why can't the pattern be printed after a period of time?
There are generally two situations:
The first situation is that if you leave it for too long, the printhead is blocked. (For the solution of printhead clogging, you can check my previous text---)

The second situation: Although the machine is not used much, it is turned on and operated normally every three to five times, and then click the picture. But the sprinkler was not blocked, but it just didn't work slowly. This situation is rare. The reason is that UV inks are slightly corrosive. Whether it is an ink tube or an ink bag printhead, etc. Just touch the ink. Then the corrosion begins. This is why these consumables, including printheads, many UV machine manufacturers are not covered by the warranty.

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