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TODOjet UV DTF printer Helps Customize Packaging and Empower Products

Traditional packaging customization has three major difficulties: "high price, difficult implementation, and slow production". This is due to the high threshold of traditional factory packaging customization purchase orders, resulting in high price costs for small and medium-sized orders, and it is difficult to match production.

With the rise of personalized customization, the life cycle of product packaging is short, and the rapid adjustment of packaging image design leads to difficulties in landing. In addition, there are many problems in the customization process, such as the region, the size of the order and the design communication process, the order transaction cycle is long, and the process cannot be precisely controlled. The packaging customization market is eager to seek a more flexible and efficient printing process.


TODOjet's newly launched UV crystal label products perfectly meet the requirements of packaging customization. The crystal label is printed by TODOjet UV DTF printer with white ink, color ink, varnish layer to output the patterns on the release paper with glue, and then covered with transfer film. The film transfers the pattern to the surface of the item, similar to the self-adhesive label printing process. Compared with ordinary labels, crystal labels have very obvious advantages. It has the advantages of bright UV printing patterns, rich colors, strong three-dimensional effect, high gloss, and corrosion resistance. At the same time, it is easy to pull up and separate during transfer printing, leaving no glue residue. It has begun to subvert the traditional advertising personalized customization market. It has become a big hit in the advertising and packaging customization industry.


Crystal self-adhesive packaging customization breaks the traditional packaging customization routine and adjusts the outer packaging design at any time, in order to stand out in the ever-changing customization market, attract more consumers' attention and increase product sales. TODOjet UV DTF printer is a multi-purpose printer, which can not only support traditional UV printing applications, but also combine with UV DTF film to help the packaging customization market and empower products.

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