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TODOjet 2024 Spring Festival Holiday Notice

Before the joyous sound of firecrackers, we are welcoming the bright moment of Chinese New Year. In this moment of celebration and peace, Todojet sends its heartfelt congratulations to all our dear customers. May your career bloom like a spring flower, may your health be as strong as green bamboo, and may the happiness of your family bloom like the red plum blossoms of the New Year!

Chinese New Year 2024 brings us a beautiful holiday time. Let's look forward to this traditional festival and celebrate it together. The holiday schedule is as follows.



1. Relaxing during the vacations

As the company doors slowly close, the joyous vacation period begins on February 6 (the 28th day of the 12th lunar month) and continues until the perfect end on February 17 (the 10th day of the 10th lunar month).12 These are lazy holiday days. It is a time to spread our wings and fly, a warm time to spend with friends and family. During this period, take a break from tedious work, take in some laughter, let loose, and enjoy the charm of the Chinese New Year. Bask in the sunshine of happiness and enjoy an unforgettable and joyous holiday.

2. Carefully planned pre-holiday layout

Behind the laughter, we know that we cannot skip work. Therefore, to ensure that everything proceeds in an orderly fashion during the festival period, all colleagues should brace themselves in advance and begin intensive pre-holiday work. The various departments work together to ensure that the production lines run smoothly and that major projects proceed on schedule. Hopefully, everyone will have clarified their work arrangements before the vacation and properly completed the handover tasks so that they can return to work quickly and in an orderly fashion after the vacation.

3. Open for business even during vacation

The company is quiet, but after-sales service is still as hot as spring. To earn your trust, we have set up a special holiday after-sales service hotline to quickly and properly resolve your product use and maintenance needs during this holiday. If you have any requests during the vacations, please contact us via WhatsApp: +8617740405829. We are always available to help you feel that our company is always there for you, even during your vacation.

May your vacation be filled with laughter and may your work be even better. Wishing you a happy Chinese New Year and a prosperous career.

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