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What is the reason for DTF heat transfer printing to warp?


Recently, some customers and friends have asked why DTF heat transfer prints warp after pressing. If warping occurs, how should we correct or remedy it? Today the manufacturer of TODOjet will tell you more about this! Warping of DTF heat transfer printing is caused by the following reasons: material problems, improper pressing temperature, insufficient pressing time, and equipment problems.

1. Material problem: DTF heat transfer printing is done on the surface of the fabric. The fabric material is not suitable for heat transfer. The hot pressing process will cause the fabric to deform or shrink, resulting in edge distortion.
2. Improper heat pressing temperature: In DTF heat transfer printing, hot pressing temperature that is too high or too low will cause edge distortion problems. If the temperature is too high, the fabric will be excessively deformed; if the temperature is too low, the heat transfer adhesive will be insufficient and cannot be firmly bonded.

3. Insufficient heat pressing time: When DTF heat transfer printing is pressed, if the hot pressing time is too short, the heat transfer adhesive will not melt completely and penetrate into the fabric fibers, and the heat transfer will not be firmly fixed, resulting in distortion.
4. Equipment problems: Equipment problems such as inaccurate temperature control, uneven pressure or uneven ironing head of the DTF heat transfer printing machine will cause uneven heat transfer, resulting in edge warping. To avoid the problem of DTF heat transfer warping, you can consider the suitability of the material when selecting fabrics and heat transfer designs, and ensure that the appropriate heat transfer temperature and time are used.

In addition, what is the reason for using reliable quality DTF heat transfer that warps the edges? Heat transfer equipment and proper operation can also help reduce the occurrence of warping problems. In practice, it is best to test a small piece of fabric first to determine the best heat transfer parameters. If you find edge distortion problems after pressing, you can press again to achieve the desired effect.

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