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The difference between UV hard ink and soft ink


UV inks used in UV printers can be divided into hard ink and soft ink according to the hardness properties of the printing material. Rigid, non-bending, non-deforming materials such as glass, ceramic tile, metal plate, acrylic, wood, etc., use hard ink; elastic, bendable, twisting materials such as leather, soft film, soft PVC, etc., Use soft ink.

Advantages of hard ink:
1. Features of hard ink: Hard ink has better adhesion to harder materials, but when applied to soft materials, the opposite effect will occur, and it is easy to break and fall off.
2. Advantages of hard ink: The effect of inkjet products is bright and lustrous, with high saturation, strong three-dimensional image, excellent color expression, fast curing, low energy consumption, and it is not easy to block the print head, which greatly reduces the printing cost.
3. Hard ink characteristics: It is mainly used for hard materials such as metal, glass, hard plastic, ceramic tile, plexiglass, acrylic, advertising signs, etc. or can be used for composite microcrystalline process (some materials need to be coated). For example, when printing glass materials, first select a suitable glass product, wipe off the dust and stains on the product, adjust the brightness and size of the pattern before printing, and test whether the height and angle of the nozzle correspond to each other. The pattern can be customized. DTF Printer Price

Advantages of soft ink:
1. Features of soft ink: The pattern printed by soft ink will not break even if the material is twisted hard.
2. Advantages of soft ink: It is an environmentally friendly, high-efficiency, energy-saving green product; it has small restrictions on applicable materials and can be applied in a wide range of fields; the color is outstanding, vivid and vivid. It has the advantages of high color saturation, wide color gamut and good color reproduction; excellent waterproof performance, outstanding weather resistance, strong durability, and the output image can be stored for a long time; product color: BK, CY, MG, YL, LM, LC ,White.
3. Soft ink characteristics: nano-scale particles, strong chemical resistance, good flexibility and ductility, clear and non-stick printing images; widely used, can directly print mobile phone leather cases, leather, advertising cloth, soft PVC, soft glue Shells, flexible mobile phone cases, advertising flexible materials, etc.; bright and lustrous color, high saturation, strong three-dimensional image, excellent color expression; fast curing, low energy consumption, not easy to block the print head, greatly reducing printing costs.

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