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The Classification of DTF printer printing film

DTF printer PET printing film is a kind of heat resistant, non - deformation plastic film. The principle is to make the printing technology of the film. After production and processing, the hot stamping film is covered with a separation layer, it is easy to transfer printing film to the product fabric. So how does the DTF printer transfer the PET printing film to the product? First of all, color printing pattern design is applied to PET film coated with release agent. With the help of press machine, the patterned PET film is pressed at high temperature on the outer surface of clothes, pants, bags or other fabrics, and the waste film is torn off, leaving the printed pattern. Therefore, this method is called "hot stamping". DTF printer is generally suitable for all clothing and all fabrics, as long as different materials and stamping techniques are used to handle different fabrics.


Therefore, DTF printer PET printing film only needs white ink jet printer to print on a special transfer film. It can be printed in blocks, and also printed in one piece, or mass-produced, suitable for small workshops and personalized customization needs.


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There are four types of PET printing film, single and double sided, single matte and single bright. Single-sided and double-sided PET printing film is also divided into hot tear printing film, warm tear printing film and cold tear printing film. Single-sided is characterized by one bright side and one matte side (hazy and white mist), and double-sided is hazy and white mist on both sides; Double-sided hot printing film gets one more than layer of coating than single-sided hot printing film, and it can increase the friction so that it is not easy to slip when printing. Cold tearing hot stamping film can only be torn after the printing film is cooled. Hot tearing hot stamping film can also be called secondary tearing film, which refers to the hot stamping printing film that can be immediately torn off. In addition, there are also multifunctional printing film on the market at present, such as three-in-one printing film, the so-called three-in-one printing film is regardless of hot and cold tear, a printing film can be arbitrarily torn according to the customer's requirements, the pressed pattern support second tear ,warm tear and cold tear, so that it is more convenient for the back-end production of garment factory. Quality and effect of different tearing method of pattern are also different, Which printing film to use depends on what the printer needs to print. The printing film has three different widths: 30cm, 60cm and 120cm. You can choose different printing film sizes according to your printer models. The right printing film needs to correspond to your machine, equipment and the choice of ink. Some printing film and ink are unable to combine, mismatched supplies sometimes will be much less effective.


Why stable PET film is your first choice? Due to the customs clearance in the international market and the complicated clearance procedures, coupled with a long shipping time and high cost, so you especially need the printing film with stable quality.If it is unstable,then it will be difficult to deal with after-sales problems and return problems.And the high freight is not cost-effective if there is a return phenomenon. Which type to choose is according to your actual situation .But do not choose blindly, the one that suits you is the best.


The PET printing film of TODOjet, is produced after repeated technical testing, and is very suitable with our machine and ink, with high elasticity, anti-stretch, anti-sublimation, anti-slip, no fading, no cracking, no falling off, washing resistance to high temperature, heat resistance, good engraving, good tear and other quality characteristics. It is very popular in the market, you can buy it with confidence.

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