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Precautions for TODOjet UV machine printing mobile phone case

What should I pay attention to when buying a UV printer for mobile phone cases?

With the continuous reform and innovation of printing technology, efficient and fast UV printers have broken the shortcomings of traditional printing technology. UV printers do not need to make a plate to complete the printing at one time, with beautiful and rich colors, wear resistance, UV protection, simple and convenient operation, and fast printing speed , in full compliance with industrial printing standards. At present, there are various products printed on mobile phone cases on the market, and the scale of manufacturers varies. Which one has the best quality has become the most important concern for buyers.


So, what should you pay attention to when buying a UV printer for mobile phone cases?

1. UV printer performance
The performance of UV printers has a direct impact on post-processing products. When choosing a UV flatbed printer for mobile phone cases, it is necessary to test the stability, printing speed, and accuracy of the printer on site. The nozzles of mobile phone case printers with good performance are high-end and exquisite, and the nozzles are also very important in printing. This is also a standard for judging the performance of mobile phone case printers.


2. UV printer manufacturers
Only a strong and regular manufacturer can provide customers with high-quality equipment. While inspecting the UV printer for mobile phone cases, the manufacturer's information is also very important. You can check whether all the qualifications of the enterprise are true, the amount of registered capital, business scope, factory scale, etc., It is especially important to go to the factory to actually judge the production strength and try out the machine on site. Many people are just agents selling equipment rather than manufacturers.


3. After-sales service
Every machine will fail, so after-sales service is very important. Many people will worry that the machine is broken and no one will maintain it, thus delaying the company's production progress. Therefore, when buying UV printers for mobile phone cases, you must see this clearly. Good manufacturers generally have professional maintenance personnel. They are all source manufacturers that integrate production, design, research and development, sales and service. It is recommended to buy such a machine. The manufacturer is more reliable and safe.


TODOjet UV printer manufacturers provide a full range of online and offline services, and have dedicated technicians to provide after-sales service. At the same time has been developing global agents.

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