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Is Epson's nozzle really inferior to industrial heads?

Is Epson’s nozzle really inferior to industrial heads?

When it comes to nozzles, the first thing everyone thinks of is the printer. The well-known printers are HP, Epson, Canon, Lenovo, Brother, Samsung and so on. These printers are now office type printers.

So what we are talking about today is the relatively popular UV printers in recent years. As long as it is a printer, the nozzle must be used. Even laser printers are no exception.

Now domestic UV printers are mainly divided into: Epson series, Seiko series, Ricoh series, Konica series, Kyocera series.

Most of the small and medium models of the Epson series and the industrial models of Ricoh are frequently contacted.

Today we are going to talk about the difference between Epson and Ricoh.

90% of Epson nozzles are installed on small and medium models. Because Epson print head UV machine is suitable for small batch processing customization and personalized printing customization. It is not suitable for mass production.

Everyone knows that there is a large-scale UV machine called 2513 (UV models are named according to the size of the print format), and many manufacturers also install Epson nozzles.

Why is it not suitable for large machines to install Epson nozzles? Large industrial machines such as Ricoh nozzles are equipped with positive and negative pressure systems, and the ink is more uniform. One of the reasons why Epson is not suitable as a printer: the format is too large, the ink supply is insufficient, and the ink is easily broken during printing.

Epson’s nozzles are now used in small and medium-sized models, and Epson’s nozzles are very large. There are so many XP series alone. The XP600 that is called on the market, Epson does not actually have this type of nozzle, such as XP530, XP535, XP630, XP635, etc. collectively called XP600.

Since Epson’s nozzles are cheap, the nozzles used by many manufacturers are second-hand or refurbished. Especially after Epson has encrypted many nozzles. This phenomenon is even more serious.

Many friends have problems going home after buying a small UV printer, mostly because of the print head. As a result, the reputation of Epson printhead UV printers in the UV industry is very bad.

Everyone knows that cheap is not available, but there is always a fluke. The principle that wool comes out of the sheep has never changed! So when buying a printer, it is recommended to use the original print head. Both UV6090 and UV3050 produced by TODOjet UV manufacturers are equipped with original Epson print heads.

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