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Big reveal-UV DTF Golden hot stamping Solution

UV DTF Printing becomes more and more popular, it creates and opportunity to print on a wide range of materials in comparison to typical UV printing, where you are limited by the substrate. With the rise of this printing technology, supporting solutions have become more and more abundant. As an important metal effect surface decoration method, hot stamping is an effective way to enhance the visual effect of trademarks, cartons, labels and other products, and is widely used. In addition to the self-adhesive hot stamping process, crystal labels with hot stamping technology have also become popular in the label industry, and have been widely recognized because the overall effect is more three-dimensional.


So today TODOjet is here to share relevant knowledge with you.


At present, most of the hot stamping solutions promoted by many manufacturers are not hot stamping in the traditional sense but add the golden powder to the Film A base material to achieve a golden flash effect.

This solution is easy to operate and is the same as ordinary UV DTF crystal label printing. Just replace Film A with gold glitter as below samples:

So can UV DTF printing achieve true hot stamping? The answer is Yes.

There are two main techniques for the hot stamping solutions. One is achieved by modifying the printing substrate, and the other is achieved by changing the printing ink.


1. CMYK+W+V1+V2

This solution requires 2 different varnish to achieve. CMYK+W+V1 accomplished the crystal effect, and the V2 is the special varnish, The hot stamping varnish adds some viscosity, and the viscosity increases after UV lighting, which helps to increase the adhesion of the gold film. And the same time, a special waste discharge film is needed to remove the glue from the parts of Film A that are not required for hot stamping. And one roll Golden film to achieve golden effect.

Film B is also a little different from common UV DTF Film B. Please be cared that not mixed them.

This solution need the configuration of machine at least 2* Epson F1080 print head, or 3*Epson i3200-U1 print head. Both TODOjet’s UV-F30 and UV-F604 can reach that.


 2. CMYK+W+V+G

This solution add a special glue to achieve both self adhesive and golden-adhesive function. A special film A without glue will be necessary.

This solution requires a more printing channel configuration. At least 4 head printer can reach that. TODOjet’s F604 printer design for it, if you are interested in it, please feel free to send us an inquiry.

(contact us to see this butterfly printing video)

AGP focuses on the R&D and production of UV DTF printers and DTF printers, and is proficient in various crystal labels and DTF application solutions. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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