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The difference between white background UV film and transparent background UV film

To make crystal rub-on stickers, one professional printer with perfect performance is necessary, but do you know? Supporting consumables also need to be carefully selected. After all, in addition to glue, there is another important factor that determines the firmness of crystal sticker transfer - the background paper. Today I will explain to you a question that many customers are concerned about: White background paper or transparent background paper? Which one is better?


The structure of the finished AB film is similar to the sandwich principle and consists of three layers, namely a thin protective film on the surface, a crystal film in the middle and a background paper. The background paper is a key factor in determining whether the crystal sticker can be transferred completely and easily.


A high-quality backing paper must first have appropriate viscosity and hardness. It must firmly adhere to the pattern and at the same time be easy to separate. Even complex and tiny patterns can be easily transferred to the transfer paper. Secondly, it must have stable chemical properties. When the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment change, its length and width can be kept unchanged to avoid wrinkles and deformation of the base paper, which will affect the pattern and final printing effect.


There are generally two types of crystal sticker background papers on the market: transparent background paper & white background paper. Next, I will explain the differences, advantages and disadvantages between the two in detail.


Transparent background paper (which one also called PET-based film):

As the name suggests, it is a transparent release background paper. At the same meter, it is smaller in size and lighter in weight, making it easier to transport. During the printing process, it is easier to monitor the printing effect and make adjustments at any time.

For smaller letter, transparent based PET film is easier to peel off from the transfer film.

However, it also has a disadvantage, it has higher requirements on the printer's paper feeding system and is prone to wrinkles.


White background paper:

White background paper, which is more environmentally friendly. Because of its white background, the finished product display effect is better.

There are also disadvantages. For instance, under the same meter, the volume is larger and naturally heavier; during the printing process, the monitoring page effect is poor. Also note that due to its material characteristics and good water absorption, it is more susceptible to moisture and needs to be properly stored in a cool and dry environment.

In another way,white background paper is a bit thickness, and easy to warp up if the sucking fan not work well.


How to choose the right crystal sticker background paper?

1. The background paper is made of high-quality Singer release paper.

2. The texture is dense and uniform, with good internal strength and light transmittance.

3. High-temperature resistance, moisture-proof, oil-proof and other functions.

4. It can firmly stick to the pattern, has strong adhesion, and is easy to pick up and separate when re-posting.

Only by understanding the precautions can you avoid quality problems caused by consumables.

AGP can offer you all kinds of UV film and solution

Finally, remind everyone: Choose materials reasonably and avoid trial and error costs to the greatest extent! If you want to test UV film,welcome to contact with our AGP team.

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