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How to avoid static electricity for DTF printers?

DTF market continues to grow rapidly, but some customers who live in the dry area complained that the printer is easy to generate static electricity due to climate problems. Then let us discuss the main reasons why printers generate static electricity easily: contact, friction and separation between objects, too dry air and other factors will generate static electricity.


So what impact does static electricity have on the printer? As far as the printing environment is concerned, under the same conditions, the lower humidity and the drier air lead to higher electrostatic voltage. The attraction of static electricity to objects will have a force effect. The ink of the printer is easy to scatter because of the static electricity, which will cause the problem of scattered ink or white edges in the printed pattern. Then it will affect the normal operation of the printer.


Let’s find out what solutions TODOjet can provide for you.


1. First of all, ensure that the working environment of DTF printer is suitable. It is recommended to keep the temperature at 20-30 degrees Celsius and the humidity at 40-70%. If necessary, turn on the air conditioner or prepare a humidifier.

2. Put a static electricity rope on the back of the printer to reduce some static electricity.

3. TODOjet printer reserves a ground wire connection, which can be connected to a ground wire to discharge static electricity.


No alt text provided for this image
connect a ground wire


4. Putting aluminum foil paper on the front heater of DTF printer can also effectively prevent static electricity (as shown in the figure below).


No alt text provided for this image
put some Aluminum foil on the platform


5. Turn down the control suction knob to reduce the friction force to reduce the electrostatic voltage.

6. Ensure the storage conditions of the PET film, over-dried film is also an important cause of static electricity.


To sum up, the problem of static electricity generated during the printing process of the printer can basically be solved. If you have other better methods or other problems with using DTF printers, we can also discuss them together, AGP is always at your service.

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