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Golden Touch: Make an Impact with UV DTF Printing

Simple and easy to use,One stick and one tear, convenient and quick,The crystal label gold stamping solution is also here!It can not only enrich the visual information of the product,but also play an icing on the cake beautification effect.



In addition to the gold stamping adhesive sticker solution we introduced in the previous article, the crystal label gold stamping solution has also become widely popular in the industry. It has a strong three-dimensional effect, is easy to use, and is waterproof and oil-proof. 


Its advantages are countless. Let’s learn about it together!


The traditional gold stamping process is generally: hot stamping preparation - plate installation, pad - adjustment of hot stamping process parameters - trial hot stamping - sample signing - formal hot stamping. 


The process is indeed complicated and cumbersome, and requires a certain amount of printing. Under the guidance of the development of high technology, the crystal labels process has become more convenient and intelligent.


TODOjet crystal labels gold stamping process, the gold stamping process and varnish effect coexist, there is no limit on the number of printing, and the product has a wider application range. As long as it is a smooth and flat hard surface or a curved surface, it can be transferred. 


It has a strong sense of concavity and convexity, a more three-dimensional visual effect, and a more flexible use method. Once you tear it off, it can be used a hundred times, just stick it on and use it.



The printed finished product is not only clear and beautiful in pattern, resistant to daily scratches, in line with the trend of the times, but also in line with the industrial concept of environmental protection, and is bound to become a popular trend.


The process is upgraded and the price remains unchanged!


Eliminating the plate making process, gold stamping crystal labels are naturally more cost-effective than traditional hot stamping processes and have high printing efficiency.


Compare the cumbersome gold stamping process of flatbed printers, gold stamping crystal labels can be done in one machine, which is more convenient for the public to use, easy to operate, simple and easy to use!



What’s even more surprising is that with this upgraded process, no additional configuration is required. Both the UV-F604 and S604 models support printing crystal labels gold stamping solutions. 


One machine supports multiple printing solutions!


For example, the cost-effective TODOjet UV-F604 DTF Printer supports two printing solutions: glue direct injection and UV AB film. It is equipped with Epson I3200/I1600 original print heads, with a printing accuracy of up to 2160dpi and a printing speed of up to 10㎡/h. 

The machine is equipped with a Hoson board, and the system is highly stable. You only need to match the corresponding consumables, whether it is a crystal label gold stamping solution or gold stamping adhesive sticker solution, you can produce perfect products~


For more machine information, please leave a message for details!


Product application expansion:

It can be used in various industries such as hard-shell paper, plastic, glass, electronic appliances, toys, gifts, and handicrafts.


 UV printers have the following advantages: 

1. There is no color limit, any color pattern can be printed, the computer automatically matches the color printing, the color restoration degree is as high as 95%, the finished product has a 3D relief effect and is highly beautiful;

2. Product loss is small, adhesion is strong, and can meet customization needs;

3. The UV printer uses UV ink for color pigments, and the entire process is computer-controlled and on-demand inkjet. There is neither waste nor wastewater pollution, and there is no noise during the printing process;

4. Wide range of applications, transfer can be completed with one application and one tear;

5. High printing efficiency and unlimited production batch size;

6. The finished UV crystal labels meet the green and environmentally friendly printing standards and does not produce production waste. Experienced operators working with a stable UV DTF Printer can reduce the machine scrap rate to zero;

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