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5 issues you need to pay attention to when using thermal transfer printing with DTF printers

DTF handicrafts are increasing in our lives, and more and more companies are using AGP DTF printers. The printing step of the DTF printer is to first print the designed pattern onto our white ink heat transfer release film, and then go through the powder shaking process After the machine shakes powder, sprinkles powder, and dries, the pattern is cut out before hot stamping can be carried out. This step is also called heat transfer printing. In fact, it uses a press machine to heat the pattern and stamp it onto the clothing. this process. So what issues should we pay attention to when using DTF printer products for thermal transfer? Let’s find out more with me!



1. Clean to ensure smooth operation of the equipment:

Ensure that the key devices of the DTF printer equipment are clean and free of stains and dust, the thermal transfer film is clean, fingerprint-free, and dust-free, and the printed matter is clean, tidy, stain-free, sweat-free, etc.

2. The pressure of thermal printing:

The pressing pressure of the pressing machine must be adjusted to an appropriate level. Otherwise, if it is too high, it will easily damage the printing film and the hot stamping material, and if it is too small, it will interfere with the pressing effect. After adjusting the pressure of the press, the pressure adjustment should be locked to prevent changes during mass production and processing.


3. Hot stamping temperature:

Printing temperature has a significant impact on the quality of thermal transfer products. Too high a printing temperature can easily damage the printing material, while too low a printing temperature may not achieve normal transfer. The temperature of hot stamping depends on the printing material, printing film and Heat transfer press machine and other factors. Different materials have different hot stamping temperatures.

4. Thermal transfer and hot stamping time:

The hot stamping time should be determined according to the specific hot stamping material. Under the condition of ensuring the hot stamping effect, of course, the faster the better, the higher the production efficiency will be. However, some products require slow stamping due to some special conditions.


5. Use the corresponding power strip:

Please use a power strip with a corresponding voltage. Insufficient voltage will also affect the quality of hot stamping, so our AGP recommends using a power strip with a slightly higher voltage or a corresponding voltage.

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